Why I Follow Sidereal Time?

Yes it’s a long time since I posted last. It’s just that I got busy in something big, even bigger than maintaining this blog. I’ve to keep some promises, and I still need some time to normality, just a little more… but that’s another story…

Purpose of this post is to clarify some points about time that I mentioned in my earlier posts. In 1 of my posts (A Twist in Time – Everything is Present – About Time – 8) I mentioned that

…(about Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment) This experiment can only fail if somehow our thoughts travel forward in time and tell that particle that someone who knows your momentum is gonna come to grab you at this time, so you must vanish at that time from this particular position.


That’s the whole point of The Quantum Theory; we can’t grab a particle even theoretically.

Can there be a workaround out of this Quantum Uncertainty? I propose YES. There’s a workaround:

We make the time fuzzy.

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A Gift of Love to Everyone

The Sacred Seduction

The Sacred Seduction

My apologies again to the readers of this blog for not updating it for a long while. I’ve been busy revising “The Sacred Seduction” for the past several months. For me blog and book writing are 2 very different occupations. I’ve to shift gears or more precisely change vehicles. Blog writing is more like riding a Ferrari, you do it in speed. Book writing is more like riding a tank. You make your way by bulldozing everything that comes in your path – a much more difficult task.

A few months ago I made “The Sacred Seduction” a free download after reading Leo Babauta’s book “Focus” that I mentioned in my post “The Art of Happiness.” I said that I no longer run. I’m still and focused. I relish the moment by being still. So much has happened since then. The biggest news is that I completed the book as per my satisfaction. I completed it by being still. When I wrote that post “The Art of Happiness” I worked in an office that had so many distractions. I then got a rented office in a very quiet and calm surrounding that’s extremely conducive to creativity. That’s how I got the time to work on the book and complete it.

The latest version of “The Sacred Seduction” is completely different from all the previous versions. You can download it from here: “The Sacred Seduction

By yesterday I thought to charge for it but now I just present it as a gift to you – a gift of love…

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Japan Needs Our Help

My association with Japan is old. I’ve been there 3 times, mostly to manage and to deploy custom software developed by our company. I’ve seen Japanese culture from very near and I’ve literally fallen in love both with the people and the country.

When I heard about the recent earthquake, first I thought it wouldn’t be such a great deal, but when I saw and read about the devastation, I was really shocked. This earthquake was in fact the 7th most powerful earthquake in the recorded history of mankind. Just look at these pictures and movies:

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The Current and The Cave – Mermaids – 6

The Cave in the Ocean
(Photo by Marco Busdraghi)

(Continued from Scuba Diving Mermaids – 5 )

Wow you lost your regulator? My girlfriend asks.

The Cave

Yup. But it’s not a great deal. It happens and usually it can easily be found. But in that case when I lost my regulator in deep sea I leaned to my right (here’s how) and stretched my hand out to find it. While stretching, my hand struck a rock and it was displaced. Oh my God there was an opening to a cave behind that rock.

Was that rock so big? She asks.

Yup, it was big but very light, or my hand was too strong for it. Anyways the mouth of a cave opened and I decided to take a leap inside. It was just like that in the picture above.

Wow. (My girlfriend’s mouth wide open.)

The Current

When I entered the cave something started pulling me – it was actually water current that was gushing inside…

So in no time I was deep inside the cave and it was continuously pulling me. I don’t know for how many hours or days or weeks or months did it pull me… I was unconscious…

When regained consciousness I found myself on an island – the virgin island…

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Scuba Diving – Mermaids – 5

My girlfriend asks: you just said “don’t run away from anything you fear – Become a Fear for that Fear” but while we were in that amusement park you didn’t take that ride on the Ferris Wheel, you even forbade the children to sit on it, why?

Ahem, didn’t you read that notice beside the wheel that it’s not for children?

Why don’t you accept that you’re afraid of heights? So why didn’t you fight that fear?

It’s a different kind of fear. I’m trying to get past it but, as yet I’m unable to handle it. I’m sure someday I’ll conquer it too just like I conquered the fear of the sea.

Conquer the Fear of Sea – Scuba Dive

So how did you conquer the fear of the sea?

By taking Scuba diving lessons.


And I recommend that everyone should at least scuba dive once in a lifetime. It’s worth it.

Can you teach me scuba diving? She asked.

Of course but it’s better to get a certified trainer. I recommend PADI and here is their GoDivePlanner

(I am not associated with PADI by any means.)

Fish in the aquarium always give me a calm feeling but I didn’t know that one day I’ll be swimming with fish in a bigger aquarium – the sea…  It’s another feeling, it seems that we’re in another world – real world – the fish world – faraway from the hustle bustle of artificial life and it seems that only these moments that we spent under the sea are ours…

What they teach in Scuba Diving lessons? She asks.

Regulator Recovery

Many things – the most basic skill to learn is the regulator recovery. Regulator is that piece of equipment that comes in your mouth, through which you breathe. It sometimes happens that you’re looking at something amazing like a

Lion Fish

or Jelly Fish

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Habit of Fears – How to Fight Fears – Mermaids – Part 4


Continued from Seasickness – 3 Mermaids – Part 3

So you want to know how I lost the spices that I bought from Granada? It’s a long story but as you insist I’ll share it with you…

The Habit of Fears – Don’t Runaway from Them

As you know I got seasick during that journey, when that journey ended I said instead of heading towards home I should confront the fear head-on – the fear of sea. These fears have a peculiar habit- they come after you if you run away from them, but they run away from you if you tackle them head-on.

How come you reach this conclusion? (my girlfriend asks.)

A True Incident

A very good question. Many years back when I was a child I had a fear of dogs. It once happened that I saw a dog running. I thought that it’s coming towards me and it’s going to bite me. I then started running screaming, sort of. There was no one near and that dog literally started chasing me. I ran inside my home, front door was closed and there was no chance I enter through it. I then ran towards the garden in the backyard with the dog coming after me, barking in its top voice.

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