After First Date – What Happens?

What Happens After First Date Depends Mostly Upon What Happens Before First Date.

What I mean by that?

Do you remember the Dating Scale I published in one of my earlier posts?

That scale is really very important, that’s why I’m copying it again here:

The Dating Scale – Again

1. She is just an acquaintance. I’m lonely here and just want to pass time. I didn’t get any message from her.

2. I know her for 10-15 days. She’s cute. I’m just testing waters. Our eyes have met just a couple of time.

3. I know her for 15 days to a month. We have talked on different issues. It seems we do have an understanding on major issues.

4. We have known each other for more than a month. We’ve talked and have developed some understanding. I’ve gotten some visible clues from her like: she asks questions to keep the conversation alive, she responds well to my questions.

5. We have known each other for more than a month. We have developed understanding. She teases me back. She touches me or tries to touch me during conversation and sometimes smacks me playfully.

Remember I asked you if your answer lies between 1-3, don’t ask for a date. Why I asked that? The productivity or the ROI (Return On Investment) of your date depends upon the work you have put into it.

How To Get The Next Date?

Let me give you an example from real-life. We study for the whole year. We get a chance to reap the benefit of the whole year of our study in just a few hours when we sit in exams. Our performance in exams depends upon how much work we have put into it for the whole year or the semester. Understood?


In the same way consider your date just as you consider sitting in exams. In fact it’s only bigger than any exam. If we fail in exams we usually get a second chance, but if we fail in our date we don’t get a second chance. Understood? Every date is like an exam. It builds upon the previous one…

What If We Live Apart and There’s No Way to Take Her to Level 5 Apart from Dating Her?

There are many ways; email, chat, facebook, twitter… Here comes Online Dating…

Frankly I’m interested in building up the fire – the fire of passion, desire, longing… till this fire becomes a volcano…

It’s this fire that takes the ship of love to unimaginable heights…

If you give too much, you won’t be able to play the Seduction Sex Games

If you give too much, you won’t be able to activate the g-spot…

The Sacred Seduction explains it in detail…

Never Cheat

I see people cheating in exams, I pity them. When people cheat in any kind of exam in life they may pass that exam but they surely fail in a bigger exam – The Real Life – it may be dating. Don’t ever take shortcuts in life…

I don’t take anything lightly in life, specially a date. I always meticulously do all the planning, preparation, bonding, seducing… anything that’s needed to take my relationship to 5th level on the above Dating Scale before I ask someone for first or second or third… date. It may take weeks, months or even more… Every date is equally important for me…

Yes I admit I’ve failed at times but these are my failures that have taught me these hard facts of seduction. I learn from my failures. That’s how I’m able to write a whole book on Love and Seduction.

The Dating Exam

A Date is just like sitting in exams. After you’ve given the paper you know the score – in your heart – before the real result comes – whether you pass or fail. In the same way after the date, you know in your heart precisely whether you’ll get the second date or not. It’s that simple…

Stay tuned for more insights into what to do after your date…

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  1. Women are not just after man’s physical attributes, I personally don’t care if my date has an abs of my favorite Vampire Diaries actor, Damon Salvatore or face like Brad Pitt. We women are attracted and drawn into much deeper than our eyes can perceive. I personally like man who is confident; goal oriented, family oriented and has a strong faith. Sometimes these qualities cannot be determine in just one glance of him. so I need to talk to him and know him better. But the moment I realized that he don’t possess those qualities I would still be gentle to him….. Sometimes your date doesn’t turn to be your girlfriend/boyfriend instead he/she can turn to be your best friend. so please guys, women deserve to be respected. if you don’t find her attractive at all. just be kind and treat her well. DON’T CALL HER JUST TO SAY YOUR NOT INTERESTED ON GOING OUT WITH HER AGAIN! (

    • Thank you very much Maynard for your insightful comments. I totally agree to whatever you said. “Women are attracted and drawn into much deeper than our eyes can perceive” – that’s actually the gist of my experience with ladies.

      Just like women we men too are very much concern about the fear of rejection. The scale I talked about in my post is just to reduce those chances.

      You’re again right on spot: “to be kind and treating her well.” Respect is 1 of the major pillars of Love and Seduction. If someone is so much disrespectful to say those words (YOUR NOT INTERESTED ON GOING OUT WITH HIM/HER AGAIN!)he or she doesn’t deserve to have a date ever in life again.

      Thanks again Maynard for taking the time to comment on my blog. I’m honored. And I’m sorry for approving your comments late as they just skipped my attention.


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