Breaking the Magic Spell – Emotion Reversal – 2

This post is in continuation to my post: Emotion Reversal Syndrome – The Biggest Secret of Love and Prosperity Finally Revealed.
I gave some advice on how to cure this situation. I think that advice was hasty and I am really sorry for that. It may work on some people but it may not work on some, and they are in majority.


Belief. The things we do have only have power according to our belief. If something works for me it doesn’t mean that it will work for you, no matter how much energy I put into it.

The Importance of Suggestions/Affirmations

The first question is how come someone play havoc with our subconscious?

It’s mostly done through a form of suggestions.

What is a Suggestion?

Suggestion can be just a sentence: you are a success, you will pass your exams or something bad that I do not want to write. Do you remember my first post on Business Seduction; How I Shifted into Abundance Paradigm? In that post I mentioned an article by Lorraine Cohen on the Bridge Maker blog: Relentless Affirmation: Life on Your Terms. It beautifully explains the power of suggestions/affirmations.

Suggestions are usually of 3 kinds:

Auto Suggestion, Conscious Suggestion and Hypnotic suggestion.

Auto Suggestion: It is given by our own conscious mind to our sub-conscious mind.

Conscious Suggestion: It is given by some other person to us while we are conscious.

Hypnotic Suggestion: Can be given to us in a state of hypnosis, sleep or through any means that’s independent of our consciousness.

The Sub-Conscious Mind

Before I explain how suggestions act I must define what is our sub-conscious mind?

In broad terms we have 2 different kinds of minds: The Conscious Mind and The Sub Conscious Mind.

Conscious Mind is the thinking talking mind and listening mind.

Sub-Conscious mind is the processing mind. It can’t think, it can’t talk and it can’t listen. It only has eyes, well sort of. How can you talk to a person who is deaf and dumb? Sign language, gestures…

Language of subconscious is slightly different from sign language but far more advanced. It’s the language of emotions.

Usually anything that we say or hear has some sort of emotion attached to it. Every suggestion/affirmation has an emotion attached to it.

It’s a whole proven science. Now I request you to kindly read an interview with the world’s most influential (in my opinion) market researcher Clotaire Rapaille: The Emotion Codes. It should open your eyes to the world of emotions.

There’s an emotion attached to every word that we listen. Change that emotion and we change our life…

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