The Cross of Separation – Who Am I? Who are You? The Lines of Fate… 13

In my last post Are You Really Grateful? I asked you a question: Is the Law of Gratitude Working for You?

After I posted that a thought came to me; isn’t saying that the law of gratitude isn’t working for me in itself an act of ingratitude?

I made a mistake yesterday when I said:

Has being grateful helped you?

Either Yes or No.

For me the answer was No.

Do you realize the mistake?

The truth is this law is always working but sometimes in a way that’s beyond our comprehension. I committed an act of ingratitude.

I apologize to Allah for that. Allah please forgive me.

Thank you Allah.

I got the answer by evening yesterday, how wrong I was…

The answer may be beyond your wildest imagination… I can safely bet upon that…

How much? 100 bucks?1000? 10,000? 1 million?

I’m not joking…

I’m damn serious…

Who am I? Who Are You?

I ask you a very important question, now listen carefully:

Look at your face in the mirror. If there’s no mirror nearby you can look at your reflection in the glass window, on your monitor screen, on the mirror surface of your table… just anywhere where you can see your reflection…

Go and see it…

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Road to Prosperity – Be Still – Get Prosperous – Chakra Balance – 9

The Difference between a Developing and a Developed Nation

I have been to many countries, well not too many but at least enough to make a comparison. Here I’ll compare just 2 cities; Tokyo and Karachi. Both are two of the most populous cities of the world. Karachi has an estimated population of 18 million and Tokyo 13 million.

According to my observation Karachi is the fastest city of the world I’ve ever been to and Tokyo – the slowest.

How come?

If ever you visit Karachi you’ll observe every person in that city seems to be in a hurry. Everyone seems to be running and trying to get past the other person. They even speak in so much hurry, that sometimes even I can’t understand what they speak. Once on the road you’ll hear the sound of horn so often that you start thinking are they crazy? Why can’t they just wait for a while? You’ll see this same scenario in most developing countries, India is another example. As a general rule:

The more developing a Nation the more hurry she’s in.

It seems to me that poor people/nations are always running – running in circles. They run for the whole day  but come back to the same starting point they started the day from.

I’ve been to Tokyo 3 times and every time it seemed to me that I’ve entered a new world. Yah, Shinkansen is suppose to be the fastest train but life of a common person is slow. They’re not running. They’re not competing with one another.

It is not wise to dash about.
Shortening the breath causes much stress.
Use too much energy, and
You will soon be exhausted.
That is not the Natural Way.
Whatever works against this Way
Will not last long.

(Tao Te Ching)

The first thing you need to get prosperous is to get slow, that’s how you can be at peace with your inner self. That’s how you can get out of the Survival Mode.

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Why Rich are Rich? How to Get Stable? How to Get Prosperous? Chakra Balance – 8

What’s Your Initial Objective?

A couple of days ago this post by Jack Canfield brought me almost to tears: Stay Focused on Your Dream!

He started that post with the following quote:

“When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp!”

It’s so true. What is your initial objective? I need a precise answer here.

Let me guess…

Your own home?


Money, lots of?


What’s your initial objective?

Is it one of the above?
Let me tell you what’s my initial objective…

It is none other than…



Happiness, enjoyment of life, to be cool, to laugh, to be jolly, to enjoy life as much as I can…
That’s my initial objective.

Tell me which is better?

Enjoyment of life must be your initial objective. Everything including house, car, money, survival… come after it…


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The Essence of Worship – A Shortcut to Abundance

Importance of a Deep and Passionate Relationship

This post is in continuation to my last post – The Essence of Worship – What is Worship?

I think I could not clearly emphasis the importance of a deep and passionate relationship. Let’s recap a part of my message I posted on Dr. Vitale’s website (Abundance Manifesto Secret #2)

One of my friends did some research on why some people in his circle of friends are wealthy and why some poor, a while back. He found out that there were 2 kinds of people in his circle who were rich: 1 those who were enjoying a deep and passionate relationship with their wives and 2. whose relationships sucked but were workaholics.

What is it all about?

The Light of God

It’s all about the life energy – the energy that’s responsible for our presence, for our whole existence… it’s this life energy that transmutes into enlightenment, creativity, prosperity…

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Business Seduction – How I Discovered – Shifting into Abundance Paradigm

Business Guidance from Future

It all started with the following post by Mark Levi:
Business Guidance from the Future

Mark asked his friend Jack; how’s the business going?

Jack’s reply was: “he’s having the most profitable twelve months he’s had in twenty-five years as a consultant – and that’s in a down economy. This year, in fact, his firm is exceeding last year’s revenue by 170%.”

How come?

“Jack projected himself into the future, and found his answers there.”

That was the point that got me thinking. Mark suggested 2, 20 minute exercises. I did that but something was not right.

I then asked Mark this question:

I don’t know how to implement this future strategy right now?

Should I do this:

1. Suppose whatever money I have I rent a posh office, hire more staff, then what? It may be just 2 months that we burn our fuel.

2. If I target bigger customers using our existing facilities, it may backfire. They may not want to do business with such a small company.

3. Or should I throw a big annual party to celebrate our small success? Seems unrealistic.

How can future projection be “practically implemented?”

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