Inside the Cruise Ship – 3 Mermaids – Part 2

(continued from the previous post) … I love this sub, it’s even better and bigger than the sub I visited… (she says, winking…)

Time Stands Still

So why not you get on top of it…? (while we’re deep inside one another, it seems to us that time stands still for centuries… as if all the clocks of the world forget to click forward… as if all the clocks of the world start moving backwards – in the right direction… in the direction of true love… in the direction of God…)

So after a few intimate centuries of making love, I ask her: My love, you have been on the top of my sub for so many centuries, now do you want to know something about cruise ships?

Why a Cruise Ship?

She says; this sub is so great, who on earth or heavens would like to ride a cruise ship?

Well my love, you don’t ride a cruise ship, you sail on it. You can always ride this sub, even inside the ship. That’s what I say it’s only on a cruise ship that you get 2 pleasures in just 1 ticket. It’s not a bad bargain after all.

Then I love it. Please tell me something more about the cruise ship.

Do you have any rough sketch of a cruise ship in your mind? I asked her.

Well, all I can think of is a ship – a big ship with passengers rooms, swimming pool, windows…  that’s what I’ve seen in pictures.

Cruise Ships are a small world in themselves. That’s what a new cruise ship looks like from inside:

(youtube video)

Wow! I love it. Let’s plan our next vacation on a cruise ship (she says.)

It’s a marvelous idea. So it’s done. Our next vacation will be on a Cruise Ship. I say.

Great. You were telling me something about your last travel on a Cruise Ship what was the name of that ship?

Oh yah, it’s name is The Sea Lion. Would you really be interested to listen the story? I boarded this ship with a girl. Wouldn’t you be a bit uneasy listening to it?

Oh no, not even a bit. I accepted the whole of you in my life, not just a part or parts of you. Before making my decision, I knew you do have a past. Everybody has a past…

Thank you my love. That’s so generous of you and I’m really proud to have you as my wife…

So here’s a picture of the deluxe penthouse suit in which we stayed:

(Photo Courtesy:

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