Scuba Diving – Mermaids – 5

My girlfriend asks: you just said “don’t run away from anything you fear – Become a Fear for that Fear” but while we were in that amusement park you didn’t take that ride on the Ferris Wheel, you even forbade the children to sit on it, why?

Ahem, didn’t you read that notice beside the wheel that it’s not for children?

Why don’t you accept that you’re afraid of heights? So why didn’t you fight that fear?

It’s a different kind of fear. I’m trying to get past it but, as yet I’m unable to handle it. I’m sure someday I’ll conquer it too just like I conquered the fear of the sea.

Conquer the Fear of Sea – Scuba Dive

So how did you conquer the fear of the sea?

By taking Scuba diving lessons.


And I recommend that everyone should at least scuba dive once in a lifetime. It’s worth it.

Can you teach me scuba diving? She asked.

Of course but it’s better to get a certified trainer. I recommend PADI and here is their GoDivePlanner

(I am not associated with PADI by any means.)

Fish in the aquarium always give me a calm feeling but I didn’t know that one day I’ll be swimming with fish in a bigger aquarium – the sea…  It’s another feeling, it seems that we’re in another world – real world – the fish world – faraway from the hustle bustle of artificial life and it seems that only these moments that we spent under the sea are ours…

What they teach in Scuba Diving lessons? She asks.

Regulator Recovery

Many things – the most basic skill to learn is the regulator recovery. Regulator is that piece of equipment that comes in your mouth, through which you breathe. It sometimes happens that you’re looking at something amazing like a

Lion Fish

or Jelly Fish

or Angel Fish

or Parrot Fish,

you say WOW and drop your regulator. It’s sometimes hard to find it in the darkness where your vision is hampered by your diving mask. Here’s how you recover it: regulator recovery.

One more tip that’s covered in the above tutorial that is worth mentioning again: don’t hold your breath for too long while underwater – even if you’re just in your swimming pool, if you can’t inhale – keep on exhaling at least till you can – it prevents lung-over expansion injury…

So it happened that I was under water in deep sea 1 day and I lost my regulator – due to the wow syndrome…

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  1. I have never scuba dived before but I would really like to try it out. The last tip you made was good.


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