Seasickness – 3 Mermaids – Part 3

Continued from post Inside the Cruise Ship Part-2

Let me show you the picture of the penthouse suit again:

Vow what a suit. I love it. She says.

Well my deer if you’ve haven’t been on a Sea Ship please be aware that initially you may get a bit seasick.


Seasick? What is it? Have you been seasick?

Well, yes (I felt my ego slightly bruised.) I’ve been very much seasick during that journey. In fact it was sort of too much for me. Before boarding the ship I thought seasickness to be a joke but after going through it I thought that Isaac Asimov must be true when he wrote this in his book The Human Body: when a steward assured a seasick person that nobody ever died from seasickness. The passenger muttered, “Please– it’s only the hope of dying that’s keeping me alive.

Was it that bad? She asked.

No it wasn’t that bad, I eventually got used to it.

How you got used to it?

By lying down on my back on the bed, closing my eyes and saying I’m in my home, I’m in my home… ( I said smilingly.)

Wow… what if it happens to someone else? What’s the prevention?

There’s some anti-seasickness medication as well but it isn’t recommended due to its side effects. The best way is to lye down on your back and close your eyes. Another way is to keep your mind occupied like concentrating on something on the ship with water in the background. If shore or horizon is in view keep your eyes directed towards it. Ginger in crystalline form, its capsules and ginger tea is also helpful in seasickness. Now I always take a pack of ginger tea with me while going to sea. Seasickness gradually goes away with time. The more sea travel you do, the more you get used to it.

Wow, it’s quite some information. So which places did you visit?

I love Granada

Many places, most notable was Granada – I love that city. The best place to get your supply of spices. You can get Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Allspice, Bay Leaf, Black Pepper, Turmeric and of course Saffron at very bargain prices.

Oh, so that’s where you bought that much Saffron that’s in our kitchen? She asked.

Nope. I bought it from Dubai. I lost the spices that I bought from Granada.

How come?

That’s a very long story.

I want to listen it…

(To be continued…)

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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