Seduction Sex Games – Developing Trust

I hope you’ve read my first 2 posts regarding Sex Games:

Sex Games Primer & The Purposes and the Benefits

Now we come to the basis of this all – Developing Trust.

Trust is the name of the game. And it is 1 of the hardest things to develop with a girl.

Trust is not something that can be developed after marriage. It can be, but it’s very difficult…

What is Trust?

Trust is a bond that directly connects 2 hearts together. It’s something beyond sex.

Let me quote something from my book:

It’s to prove to her that you are trustworthy and it’s safe to be with you alone. You won’t f*** her even if it’s a time when the crimsy shadows of vivid light are about to submerge in the bronzy shadows of gloomy darkness…

(The Sacred Seduction)

When Sex Dies

Have you ever been to an old-age home where you’ve seen a very old couple? If you’ve been keen you may have observed there is a particular bond between them. It only develops after sex has died. But this kind of bond is useless. It won’t take them any higher.

Now the secret is you need to develop the same kind of bond with someone you love “BEFORE” sex has died between the 2 of you.

Abstinence from Sex

Such kind of bond can only be developed by abstinence from all sorts of “physical sexual acts” during dating or courtship or whatever you name that period. It is strengthened by “non-physical sexual acts”… (what are non-physical sexual acts? Seducing her through her ear… Kindly read Cannibal Women Who Love to Eat Men’s Penises for a rough idea. Better read my complete book: The Sacred Seduction.)

It’s not something hard to do – You Need to Use Your Brains Dude… Not Your Fingers…

It’s only after you prove to a lady that you won’t harm her even when the 2 of you are completely alone, she begins to develop the bond of trust with you.

The Sexual Tension

It’s tricky, very tricky. The strength of this bond depends upon the strength of the SEXUAL TENSION between the 2 of you.

You keep on building the sexual tension – till the time she is begging… But you won’t give it to her…

That’s how the Real Game of Seduction begins…

For how long should you wait?

I’ll come to it later…

In the next post on Sacred Seduction Sex Games we’ll be discussing more about trust and related issues.

Till then happy seducing…

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  1. Yes withholding sex can create sexual tension… thanks I enjoyed it
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