Seduction Sex Games – Activate G-Spot

I hope you’ve read my previous post regarding Seduction Sex Games: Seduction Sex Games – Developing Trust

You have gained the trust of a lady somehow (I suppose you have already read my book – The Sacred Seduction.) She has worked alone with you in office or home or anywhere and you haven’t taken advantage of her. Okay now she trusts you in a sense. But this trust is not enough. You must have to honor a lady to gain her complete trust. It may seem to you old school advice but it is not. It is real-life practical advice. You must honor a lady if you want to gain her complete trust.

How to honor a lady?

Always Rise When a Lady Arrives

This is just a very small part of honor, but in fact your first tool to play sex games with her.

You may say every other man does it, so why should I do it?

Only a man does it dude… You have to be a man… Be a man and stand up when a lady arrives…

You say okay then what? What will I achieve by following your advice? How do I know I am able to seduce a woman?

Do you know what is the whole point of Playing Seduction Sex Games?

What is our Prime Objective?

We Wanna Activate her G-Spot

That’s what I’m talking about. And you’re not gonna use your fingers or even touch her. Tell me which seduction specialist teaches you that? And you cannot activate the gspot without gaining her trust and respecting her.

So what’s the benefit of activating G-Spot?

You get directly connected to her hidden energies…


With the Sacred Point of Contact that lies within you…

I call the Process of Activation of Sacred Points of Contacts; “The Sacred Seduction.”

The Sacred Seduction is the name of a new life-style that most of us have never experienced before…

Happy Seducing…

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