The Current and The Cave – Mermaids – 6

The Cave in the Ocean
(Photo by Marco Busdraghi)

(Continued from Scuba Diving Mermaids – 5 )

Wow you lost your regulator? My girlfriend asks.

The Cave

Yup. But it’s not a great deal. It happens and usually it can easily be found. But in that case when I lost my regulator in deep sea I leaned to my right (here’s how) and stretched my hand out to find it. While stretching, my hand struck a rock and it was displaced. Oh my God there was an opening to a cave behind that rock.

Was that rock so big? She asks.

Yup, it was big but very light, or my hand was too strong for it. Anyways the mouth of a cave opened and I decided to take a leap inside. It was just like that in the picture above.

Wow. (My girlfriend’s mouth wide open.)

The Current

When I entered the cave something started pulling me – it was actually water current that was gushing inside…

So in no time I was deep inside the cave and it was continuously pulling me. I don’t know for how many hours or days or weeks or months did it pull me… I was unconscious…

When regained consciousness I found myself on an island – the virgin island…

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