A Gift of Love to Everyone

The Sacred Seduction

The Sacred Seduction

My apologies again to the readers of this blog for not updating it for a long while. I’ve been busy revising “The Sacred Seduction” for the past several months. For me blog and book writing are 2 very different occupations. I’ve to shift gears or more precisely change vehicles. Blog writing is more like riding a Ferrari, you do it in speed. Book writing is more like riding a tank. You make your way by bulldozing everything that comes in your path – a much more difficult task.

A few months ago I made “The Sacred Seduction” a free download after reading Leo Babauta’s book “Focus” that I mentioned in my post “The Art of Happiness.” I said that I no longer run. I’m still and focused. I relish the moment by being still. So much has happened since then. The biggest news is that I completed the book as per my satisfaction. I completed it by being still. When I wrote that post “The Art of Happiness” I worked in an office that had so many distractions. I then got a rented office in a very quiet and calm surrounding that’s extremely conducive to creativity. That’s how I got the time to work on the book and complete it.

The latest version of “The Sacred Seduction” is completely different from all the previous versions. You can download it from here: “The Sacred Seduction

By yesterday I thought to charge for it but now I just present it as a gift to you – a gift of love…

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