Why I Follow Sidereal Time?

Yes it’s a long time since I posted last. It’s just that I got busy in something big, even bigger than maintaining this blog. I’ve to keep some promises, and I still need some time to normality, just a little more… but that’s another story…

Purpose of this post is to clarify some points about time that I mentioned in my earlier posts. In 1 of my posts (A Twist in Time – Everything is Present – About Time – 8) I mentioned that

…(about Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment) This experiment can only fail if somehow our thoughts travel forward in time and tell that particle that someone who knows your momentum is gonna come to grab you at this time, so you must vanish at that time from this particular position.


That’s the whole point of The Quantum Theory; we can’t grab a particle even theoretically.

Can there be a workaround out of this Quantum Uncertainty? I propose YES. There’s a workaround:

We make the time fuzzy.

Once the time gets fuzzy or uncertain, our particle wouldn’t know at which time we’re gonna make a particular observation… voila we’ve grabbed the particle. I believe in it there’s room for thought for scientists to conduct some experiments. Just make a clock with a randomize function that randomize the basic unit of time i.e. the second and tune your instruments accordingly. I believe it’s the only way to overcome the inherent Quantum Uncertainty.

Why do we need to overcome this Quantum Uncertainty?

Of course to make our desires come true – as our mind can never be separated from matter. (kindly read: A Particle in Woods Makes No Sound – About Time – 9)

The problem as I perceive with the time that most people follow is that it pushes their present into a bottomless abyss of past (just like that particle that no scientist can grab.) Our desires/our thoughts “usually” can’t get out of this abyss to the future to affect our present.

Solution? We randomize our time, more precisely our clocks…

But then wouldn’t it be a total chaos? Airplanes coming at random times… trains leaving at random…

There’s a way out…

The sidereal time…

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